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Class Schedule



ATOD have for many years had Dance Assessment 1 to 3 available for teachers specifically to introduce dance and movement to pre-schoolers. This work has proved so successful in the world. 





A.T.O.D. Ltd have developed a unique approach to educating our students in a classroom environment. Jazz is a continually changing and evolving genre encompassing many styles such as Broadway, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Funk and Lyrical to name a few.Our new and innovative system of training encompasses all styles from foundation Jazz to the very latest moves. The focus and continuity of the jazz class and the training and development of your students does not need to change in order to prepare students for examinations. This is the Complete Jazz Class Syllabus!




an innovative and carefully structured contemporary/modern system of training. Industry professional Adam Wheeler was commissioned to review our current systems of training and, in conjunction with other industry professionals, create a well-structured training program suitable for inclusion in mainstream dance studios. He has done that and more – he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the work and is excited to share this with like-minded teachers.



Dance  Performance Program

Performing is one of the important element to learning dancing. so we run dance performance every year for our students.

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